What is it to be a buyer in Tanahook?

Receive the Tanahook options directly from the producers of those raw materials in which you have an interest. Then you can ask for quotes of those you require at any time. You will be able to reduce your costs and transport times.

Access directly to the producers of your raw materials of interest

*After the form, we will send you the Tanahook options of those producers of your raw materials of interest.

What is Tanahook?

Tanahook is a platform that facilitates contact between organic producers and farmers and raw material buyers. We offer the possibility of making reservations and purchasing the product even when it has already left the origin port, reducing delivery times and minimizing transport costs.

In all bulk products we use shipping. Our goal is that all our containers make the most of their capacity, so we fill them with product, even if it does not have a buyer yet.

During the journey from origin port to destination port we offer buyers the possibility of having the product that is already on the way at a very affordable price, and not having to face the total that would entail transporting each of the orders separately.

In addition, we only work with products that are not perishable, or whose longevity is established in years. In this way, we can afford this sales system and significant savings for our customers. In addition to always guaranteeing the quality of all products.

In each of our products, we have quality certificates from the market to which they are directed, which we always make available to the buyer. This search and analysis of producers carried out by our team reduces the time dedicated to the selection of suppliers by the purchasing team. For Tanahook, it is essential that our suppliers operate according to the required quality and safety requirements, and we facilitate the traceability of the product in the food chain.

In the organic food import business we have specific knowledge of the demand in Europe and we represent companies from all over the world.

Among our clients are the main food importers of the European continent, so the products we sell meet the highest international quality standards.

We position ourselves among food producers and distributors, ensuring that suppliers operate according to quality and safety requirements and guaranteeing that the supplied product complies with the regulatory requirements and the agreed contractual conditions.

We ensure a good alignment of communication between the operating structure and business processes that affect food production and distribution.

The buyer requests an exact quote for an order and in seconds this quote arrives with an access to reserve the product making an income of 30% of the total. The remaining 70% payment is made once the merchandise has reached its destination.

Pedidos en tránsito - Tanahook

We choose suppliers that meet high quality and safety standards.

We manage the necessary certificates for them to guarantee the buyer's trust.

We offer an online shopping platform for the buyer with the possibility of reserving a product, with significant cost and time savings.

Containers run to full capacity with non-perishable product even though not all product is sold.

During the journey from origin port to destination port by sea transport, buyers can request a quote and make a reservation, in both cases online and automatically.

In the event that when arriving at the destination port, there is still product to sell, it is stored until its sale is completed.

Benefits of quality certificates:

Who we are

Tanahook is a platform developed and managed by Indonesia Consulting, a consulting firm specialized in developing strategies to penetrate the Indonesian market, and from there Southeast Asia. Its corporate headquarters are divided between Barcelona, ​​Bali and Jakarta, being the latter the commercial and financial capital of Indonesia. Created in 2009 with the mission to facilitate commercial operations and investments between Indonesia and Spain, Indonesia Consultoría makes processes simple by creating the maximum flow of synergies between the two countries.
Indonesia Consulting

Our Products

Cacao - Proveedor de productos orgánicos


Chia - Proveedor de productos orgánicos


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Pimienta - Proveedor de productos orgánicos


Coconut sugar

Azúcar de caña - Proveedor de productos orgánicos

Cabe sugar

Agua de coco - Proveedor de productos orgánicos

Coconut water

Leche de coco - Proveedor de productos orgánicos

Coconut milk

Aceite de coco - Proveedor de productos orgánicos

Coconut oil

Café - Proveedor de productos orgánicos


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