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Organic Amino Power 80% Neutral

Desde 9,20


Organic Amino Power 80% Neutral, is a balanced combination of 3 vegetable protein extracts from organic farming of the highest quality, brown rice protein, pea protein and hemp seed protein. The 3 proteins are combined in the right proportion to obtain a formula of extraordinary richness in amino acids for the development and maintenance of muscle mass.

The Organic Amino Power 80% protein formula helps in weight loss and control, with the advantage of being very low in fat and low in calories.

Main Advantages:

⦁ Indicated to help increase muscle mass after strength training.

⦁ Indicated for people who want to lose weight and abdominal fat.

⦁ Great source of protein.

⦁ Contains all the essential amino acids.

⦁ Low in fat, carbohydrates and calories.


200g, 500g

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