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Jungle Antiox Eco

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Jungle Antiox, is a super antioxidant, antiaging shake, specially formulated to nourish the blood and provide extremely high levels of effective finonutrients to strengthen the immune system, fight against inflammation and reactivate the nervous system preventing premature aging.

The ingredients that make up the Jungle Antiox Eco are: Purple corn, Camu camu, Carob, Cinnamon and Coconut sugar, all of them organic crops.

Main Advantages:

⦁ Antioxidant with a high content of vitamin C.

⦁ High fiber content.

⦁ Regenerates the tissues. (slows aging)

⦁ Increases and improves blood flow.

⦁ It does not contain gluten, allergens or any type of additives.


200g, 500g

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